Our vibro motors with multiple voltage options offer centrifugal power up to 26,000 kg. Our products are used in food industry, recycling plants, foundries, mining industry and many other fields and countries.


The bearing flanges, shafts and motor housings are designed with FMEA. Our state-of-the-art products are manufactured using top quality materials. Cast iron, steel alloy and high quality aluminum alloy are used in their productions for their efficient and efficient operation.


F class insulation materials and vacuum impregnated dressings are preferred to increase the strength. Again, the choice of first-class products is preferred in bearing selection, and the eccentric weights that are adjustable allow the maximum centrifugal force produced by the motor to be adjusted very precisely.


Our products operate efficiently at low operating times and at low noise levels.


Certificates of use in hazardous environments are available.

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